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I. Membership
II. Swim Club Camps – Day Camp, Sports Camp, Activities Camp
III. Swim Team
IV. Food – Snack Bar
V. Contact The Swim Club

I. Membership
Can non-residents join the Marlboro Swim Club?

Why do Manalapan, Colts Neck, and Old Bridge residents pay less than other Towns?
Marlboro Township has a shared service agreement in place with these Towns.

Can I pay by credit card?

Must I be a member to have my child take swim lessons?
Yes, you must have a membership for your child to take swim lessons.

Can I book additional swim sessions after my session is finished?
Yes, private lessons are available.

What is the size of each group lesson?
Maximum of 10 swimmers per group..

Does the swim club offer private swim lessons?
Yes, we offer both group and private lessons.

What age can my child have his/her membership without being part of a family membership?
15 years of age with a parents consent.

Inclement Weather
The swim club is equipped with a lightening detection system, which alerts us to any upcoming weather issues.
In order to insure the safety of both the members and the staff during a thunder storm or the threat of a thunder storm, the swim club has the right to close the facility and all members and their guests are required to leave the facility. It is advisable to seek shelter in a vehicle.

Children in diapers are welcome to use the kiddie or intermediate pool. For the health and safety of all, they are required to wear swim diapers available in grocery and children’s stores.

Smoking/ Alcohol
This is a non-smoking facility, however, a smoking area is provided outside the swim club. Alcohol is not permitted within the swim club or any park within the township, except during specially advertised events.

Can I bring guests to the swim club on TGIF and special event days?

Guest Books
Guests are welcome at the Swim Club. Guest books can be purchased at the swim club office pre-season. Once the Swim Club opens for the season, guest books can be purchased at the Swim Club facility. Guest books are sold only to members and can be used only by the member purchasing that guest book. A member’s name is printed on the guest book and the member must show their swim club ID to purchase and use the Guest Book. Note that the member is responsible for their guests. Guest books sales will expire after the 2019 season is concluded.

There is a 48” height requirement to use the 2 water slides.

Does the swim club provide lounge chairs for the members?
The Swim Club does not provide chairs for Members or Guests. For members’ convenience, chair storage is available for $40 per chair. Your chair will be kept safe in a locked room daily and can only be checked out by you.

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II. Day Camp/Sports Camp/Activity Camp
Must I be a member to send my child to camp?
All of our camps are only open to swim club members; you must have a membership.

What age must a child be to attend camp?
Day Camp – age 4 to 9
Sports Camp – age 8 to 12
Activities Camp - age 8 to 12

What are the hours of the day camp?
All Swim Club Camps - 11am to 4pm. Before and after camp is available.

How many campers to a group?
Each camp group is approximately 8 – 10. We boast a low camper/counselor ratio as well as camp-dedicated lifeguards.

What do I do if it is raining before camp begins?
You will be notified via email and social media. Marlboro Recreation & Swim Facebook, Twitter @ MarlNJRec , Instagram @marlbororec1.

When can I enroll my child in Swim Club camp?
Registration is open.

Can my caregiver drop off my child at camp if she/he is not a member?
Yes. There is a sign in/sign out sheet located at the front gate.

Do the campers use the dive tank in the day camp?
Regular Day Campers have access to the kiddie, intermediate and the main pools. Sports and Activities campers are permitted to use the main pool and the dive tank/slide pool. Upon passing a water safety test. A water test is given to each camper to determine their swimming ability to determine what pool they will be allowed to use while in camp. A height check is required for the dive tank slides.

How are the groups divided in the sports camp?
The general day camp is divided into smaller groups (see above). The Activity and Sports camps do not have set groups. The campers are divided into smaller groups for sports/activities as determined by the supervisor.

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III. Swim Team

Must I be a member to have my child swim for the swim team?
Yes, you must have a membership unless the swim team member is 15 years or older in which case the swim team member may have an individual membership. Note that in the case of an individual membership, spectators are only allowed into the facility with a guest pass or during a swim meet.

Is a try-out required?
New swim team members must try-out for the swim team to ensure they are able to swim the strokes and distance required for their age group. Speed is not a factor as swimmers of all abilities are welcome. There is a swim team participation fee per child in addition to the swim club membership.

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Snack Bar
The swim club offers a variety of options at our snack bar.

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Marlboro Swim Club
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