Township Council

The Marlboro Township Council is made up of five elected officials. Township residents elect a new Councilperson every four years on the first Tuesday in November. At its reorganization meeting, the Council elects a President and Vice-President, each of whom serve a term of one year or until the election and qualification of a successor.

The current Marlboro Township Council consists of the following members:

  • Council President Carol Mazzola

  • Council Vice President Jeff Cantor

  • Councilwoman Randi Marder

  • Councilman Scott Metzger

  • Councilman Michael Scalea

The Township Council is Marlboro's legislative body. It sets policies, approves budgets, determines municipal tax rates, and passes resolutions and ordinances to govern the town. The Council also appoints citizen volunteers to certain advisory boards and the Zoning Board of Adjustment. The Council may investigate the conduct of any department, officer or agency of the municipal government. They have full power of subpoena permitted by Statute.

The Township Council meets in formal session in Town Hall on the first and third Thursday of each month (unless otherwise posted) at 7:00 p.m. at the Municipal Complex. It also conducts business at "Special" Meetings called by the Mayor or voted upon by the Council. All Township Council meetings are open to the public, except portions of meetings in which legal, land acquisition, or personnel matters are discussed. The opportunity for speaking before the Council is identified on the agenda under the heading Citizen’s Voice which is held at the beginning of the meeting. During Citizen’s Voice, a resident may address the Council one time about agenda items or voice concerns or opinions pertinent to Marlboro Township business, for a period not to exceed five minutes. The transference of unused time to benefit another speaker is not permitted. The agenda for Township Council meetings is available in the Municipal Clerk's office 48 hours prior to a meeting and can also be viewed on this website.

The Township Council appoints a Municipal Clerk who serves as a Clerk of the Council, keeps its minutes and records of its proceedings, maintains and compiles its resolutions and ordinances and performs other functions as may be required by law. The Office of the Township Clerk, who serves three year terms at the Council's pleasure, is presently filled by Alida Manco.

The Township Council also appoints an Independent Auditor who is a registered municipal accountant in the State of New Jersey. The present Independent Auditor is Wiss & Company, LLP. 

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