Marlboro Swim Club

Registration and Fee Schedule



Family Membership: Married couple, or partner by civil union, and all children, natural or adopted, under 25 years of age, on or before the start of each season and unmarried, living in the same residence.

Individual Membership: 15 years of age or older, on or before the start of each season.

Senior Membership: 60 years of age or older on or before the start of each season, proof required.



  • To reach your existing account go to : 
  • Check your family information – please be sure it is accurate and updated.
  • Choose Marlboro Swim Club
  • Click on the specifics such as / family / individual / senior.
  • You may pay online with your credit card.
  • Please bring in previous year ID cards to update for current season.

Pursuant to Ordinance # 132 - 15A any person submitting an application who knowingly provides false or misleading information will be subject to loss of membership at the swim facility, if applicable, and forfeiture of any and all fees paid. Such person shall also be subject to a fine in the discretion of the Municipal Court Judge of not more than five hundred dollars [$500].