Engineering Division
Installing an In-ground or Above-Ground Pool

You should first submit an application for the permit to the Zoning Division. The Zoning Division will forward to the Engineering Division copies of the survey and grading plan and other documents that you include with the Pool Permit Package. While the Engineering Division does not issue the Pool Permit, it does have grading, retaining wall, tree removal, location and other requirements as found in Land Use Code Sections §220-42 B (3) and G that must be shown on the survey and grading plans submitted with the application before approval can be granted.

For in-ground pools, a grading plan certified by a licensed Professional Engineer must be submitted. The grading plan should meet the requirements of Land Use Code Section §220-42 B (3) as referenced above. Above ground pools typically require much less soil disturbance and grading. Therefore, for most installations, a survey may be supplied in place of a grading plan. If it is in the Engineering Division's opinion that the grading of a lot will be altered considerably by installing an above-ground pool, then the Engineering Division can require that a grading plan certified by a licensed Professional Engineer be submitted as in the case of in-ground pools. Note: Above-ground pools that require retaining walls for construction are more likely to require a grading plan for approval.

The grading plan or survey must also show all existing structures and the proposed pool to scale. The pool must be shown in the location where it will be built, and offsets from property lines and existing structures should be included. Any and all easement lines, wetlands and/or buffer lines, and other outstanding features (such as storm drains, etc.) existing on the property should be shown. Any trees you propose to remove that are greater than 9" in diameter (measured one foot above the ground) should be shown. The proposed temporary silt fence and construction entrance should also be shown. The Engineering Division will review the plans and inform you if other information is required.

When your pool application is approved by Engineering, your signature or the signature of your Pool Company's construction manager will be required on the approval form after it is signed by the Engineer, but prior to submittal to the Construction (Building) Department. This signature demonstrates that you have been made aware of all Engineering Department requirements for the Final Certificate of Approval (C.A.) that pertain to your pool. The pool permit will not be forwarded to the Building Department without this signature. For certain above ground pool installations, the signature requirement may be waived.

There are also engineering fees required prior to the issuance of the engineering approval. These are a $200 engineering review fee, a $200 inspection fee (all in-ground and some above-ground pools) and a $100 re-review or re-inspection fee if several of either reviews or inspections are required.