Municipal Clerk

The Municipal Clerk is the chief record keeping officer of Marlboro Township and is responsible for keeping the minutes and records of the Council's proceedings, and for maintaining and compiling its ordinances and resolutions. The Municipal Clerk is appointed by the Township Council and serves at their pleasure for a three-year term or until the appointment and qualification of a successor.


  Alida Manco

The Municipal Clerk has a number of other responsibilities and duties including:

  • Open Public Records Act (OPRA)
  • Providing secretarial and clerical services for Council members in the discharge of their official duties
  • Elections Information
  • Monmouth County Election information
  • Signing and affixing the Municipal Seal to instruments and writings when directed by the Mayor or Township Council resolution, or specifically authorized by law or when necessary to exemplify a document or certify an act or paper
  • Preparing agendas and other documents for Township Council meetings.
  • Preparation and distribution of the minutes of all Township Council meetings
  • Publication of ordinances and filing of requisite proofs of publication
  • Issuing and delivering all notices of Township Council meetings
  • Executing the functions required of Municipal Clerks by the General Election Law (i.e., providing information on voter registration, absentee ballots, and the mailing of appropriate forms.)
  • Maintenance and filing of original titles for all Township vehicles and equipment
  • Parking lot administration
  • Assessment Searches
  • Issuing of ABC, Bingo, Raffle, and Special Affairs Licenses
  • Collecting Trailer Park fees.
  • Administration of Emergency Services Benefits
  • Registering exempt firemen with the State of New Jersey
  • Selling Township maps; signing maps for all subdivisions
  • Signing, distributing and maintaining developer agreements
  • Maintenance and filing of landlord agreements
  • Maintaining Residential Construction Disclosure Act Information

Licenses and Permits Issued by the Municipal Clerk's Office

  1. Bingo/Raffle/Special Affairs Permits
  2. Liquor Licenses (ABC)
  3. Parking Permits

Public Documents

Township Council agendas, minutes, resolutions and ordinances may be viewed any day from Monday through Thursday 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM (please call for appointment for older documents) at the Municipal Clerk's office. Individuals interested in obtaining a copy can either come into the office or send a check and it will be mailed to them. The fees shall be $0.05 per letter page or smaller, and $0.07 per legal size page or larger. Other materials (CD, DVD, tapes, maps, hearing transcripts, exhibits, drawings, etc) are the actual cost of the material.