In order to meet the needs of our residents, from time to time the Department of Public Works (DPW) adjusts the Leaf and Brush collection schedules. Due to the recent wind storms, many residents have sustained tree damage. In response, for the month of May, the pickup dates currently designated for LEAF ONLY pickup will be for BRUSH ONLY (instead of leaves), as follows:


Zones 6 & 7  May 2

Zones 1 & 8  May 9

Zones 2 & 4  May 16

Zones 3 & 5  May 23

We remind you that the brush collection regulations as outlined in the recycling calendar must still be followed. Brush and leaves may not be commingled, brush diameter may not exceed four (4) inches and the total collection amount may not be more than 10 cubic yards or 50 pounds in weight. Fallen trees should be removed by your tree removal contractor or brought to the recycling center and not placed curbside. To maintain safety for pedestrians and bicyclists and to avoid flooding and blockages of storm water, please do not place debris in the roadway more than one week prior to your scheduled pickup date. The complete guidelines for collection may be found in the recycling calendar or HERE.

The April LEAF ONLY pickup (currently in progress) will continue as scheduled for April and as detailed in the recycling calendar. As a reminder, the dates are:


Zones 6 & 7  April 4

Zones 1 & 8  April 11

Zones 2 & 4  April 18

Zones 3 & 5  April 25

The next LEAF ONLY pickup will be rescheduled for June (instead of brush). The zones and pickup dates for the June LEAF ONLY pickup will remain the same as indicated the DPW recycling calendar.

Brush and leaves continue to be accepted at the Township Recycling Center throughout the year, free of charge. The hours of the Recycling Center are Monday and Wednesday 8:00-1:30 and Saturday 8:00-4:00.

For further information, please call 732 536-0188.