Engineering Division
Tying into the Township Storm Drain System

Under certain conditions you may be permitted to tie your lawn drain, sump pump or roof drain into the Township storm drain system. When considering this option, you must contact the Engineering Division directly. You may be asked to provide a detailed sketch or other documentation for your proposed construction. As long as it is in the opinion of the Engineering Division that you will not be adversely impacting the capacity of the storm drain system, the street or your neighbor’s property, your request will likely be granted. If the work involves cutting into a road or other area within a Township right-of-way, a road opening permit will be required. More information is available in the “cutting into a road” section of the Engineering Division’s section of this website.

If approval is granted, you will have to give the Engineering Division at least 24 hours notice for inspection before beginning work. The actual tie-in to the storm system must be finished in a workman-like manner, be watertight and be deemed acceptable by the Engineering Division in order to prevent future sinkholes from developing.