Fire Prevention Bureau

The Marlboro Township Fire Prevention Bureau was established by the Marlboro Township Council under Chapter 66 of the Township Ordinances. It currently consists of (1) full-time Fire Official, (1) full time Fire Inspector, (1) part-time Fire Inspector and (1) full-time Principal Clerk Typist. Under the supervision and direction of the Fire Official, the Fire Prevention Bureau provides for local enforcement of the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code ( N.J.A.C. 5:70-1, et seq.) and enforcement of established rules and standards as enacted within Chapter 66 of the Township Ordinances.

The duties of the Marlboro Township Fire Prevention Bureau are as follows:

  • Within the established boundaries of the Township of Marlboro, the Fire Prevention Bureau shall carry out periodic inspections and enforce the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code in all buildings, structures and premises, other than owner-occupied residential buildings of less than three dwelling units and buildings, structures and premises owned or operated by the Federal Government, Interstate agencies or the State of New Jersey.
  • Shall faithfully comply with all the pertinent requirements of the Uniform Fire Safety Act and the Uniform Fire Code.
  • Enforcement of all established rules and standards within Chapter 66 of the Township Ordinances or any other ordinances of the Code of the Township of Marlboro which pertain to fire prevention.

Within the scope of the duties of the Marlboro Fire Prevention Bureau the following activities are currently being performed:

  • Registering of all commercial buildings identified as Life Hazard Use Occupancies as required by the New Jersey Division of Fire Safety as per the rules of the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code.
  • Registering and collecting of established fees for all commercial buildings identified as Non-Life Hazard Use Occupancies as required by Township Ordinance under Chapter 66.
  • Annually inspects all commercial buildings and structures for compliance with the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code and assesses penalties for noncompliance in accordance with municipal and state requirements.
  • Investigates all reported fires or explosions that involve the loss of human life, serious injury or cause damage to property. These investigations may be conducted on a 24 hr. basis if needed.
  • Issues required permits, collects fees, and conducts needed inspections for the handling, storage or use of hazardous substances or the conducting of processes which produce conditions hazardous to life or property.
  • Conducts public fire educational programs which are specifically aimed at educating our Township children and senior citizens about fire and life safety in both the home and schools and the planning of escape under emergency conditions.
  • Participates in numerous Township functions for the purpose of maintaining proper fire and life safety requirements. (Marlboro Day, firework activities, open house activities, etc.)
  • Overseeing the Certification of Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide detector, and Residential Fire Extinguisher Compliance for the resale and rental of residential one and two family dwellings.
  • Issues Certificates of Fire Code Status upon request
  • Maintains a working relationship with the local volunteer fire companies and assist them with fire prevention programs.
  • Oversees the required installation and maintenance of the Township Knox Box program.
  • Investigates citizen complaints for fire and life safety code violations.
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