Municipal Clerk FAQ

I recently contracted for a home in Marlboro. My builder told me to contact the Municipal Clerk's office for the list of off-site conditions. How do I obtain this list?

The list of off-site conditions is available at the Municipal Clerk's office or click here

How do I register to vote?

All registrations are now done by mail. Forms are available in the Municipal Clerk's office or click here to download form.

Where do I vote and what are the hours the polls are open?

Please see the sample ballot which is mailed to each registered voter by the County for all polling information.

Must I be a Marlboro Township Resident in order to obtain a parking decal?

Yes, a copy of driver's license and registration are required with a Marlboro address. A copy of insurance card is required on leased vehicles. One hundred Manalapan residents are taken at Marlboro Township's Union Hill lot ONLY. An extensive waiting list is maintained for Manalapan residents.

How do I obtain a parking decal?

Availability of space in lots varies. Please call the Municipal Clerk's office at 732-536-0200, Ext 1805 for current availability.

How do I reach a Council member?

A letter can be mailed to the municipal office to the attention of the Municipal Clerk, or you can call the Municipal Clerk's office at 732-536-0200 Ext 1805 and a phone message can be given to a Council member.