Planning Board

The Planning Board is responsible under state statute for preparing and adopting a Township Master Plan and for reviewing any and all land use development within Marlboro Township, including alterations/additions to the schools, utilities and municipal agencies. The Planning Board is charged with approving all subdivisions, site plans, planned development applications and conditional uses which conform to Township land use ordinances. The Planning Board is also responsible for reviewing all ordinances proposed by the Township Council that deal with land use, specifically Chapter 84 of the Township Code, as well Municipal Land Use Law, Chapter 291, Laws of N.J. 1975.

The Planning Board is made up of nine members and two alternate members who are all appointed by the Mayor. In addition, the Planning Board hires its own consultants at the beginning of each year when it reorganizes. The current Planning Board consists of the following members and consultants:

Mark Barenburg (Chairman)
Andrew Pargament (Vice-Chairman)
Neil Betoff (Secretary)
Jonathan Hornik (Mayor)
Carol Mazzola (Councilperson)
Rohit Gupta
Michael Slotopolsky
David Gagliano
Lynn Franco
Michael Adler Mayor Designee
Steven Kansky (Alternate #1)
Andrew Kessler (Alternate #2)
Donna Pignatelli (Administrative Officer)
Planning Board Professionals
Laura Neumann, CME Associates
Michael Herbert, Parker MC CAY, P.A.

Public Documents

The Planning Division Office logs in and keeps all records, documentation, and plans associated with applications for land use development and makes them available to the public for review by appointment.

Plans are revised as changes are requested by Planning Board professionals during pending applications. After applications are completed there are no changes made with the exception being field change modifications through the Township Engineers Office.