Planning Board FAQ

If you have a specific question for the Planning Board please consult our list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you don't find the answer that you are looking for we would be delighted to entertain your question by phone (732-536-0200, ext. 1217) during normal business hours.

What was on this land before my house was built?

This is a question that the Planning Board may or may not be able to answer. The Planning Board can refer a person to the set of plans that were submitted when a development was approved, but it is not necessarily known what was on the land 10 or more years ago.

How much do houses cost and what do they look like?

The Planning Board does not have price lists or copies of actual house plans. You must get this information from your developer's sales office.

What about radon or toxic sites in Marlboro?

The Monmouth County Board of Health addresses environmental issues such as these. They can be reached at 732-413-7456.

I want to buy a house in Marlboro, do you keep a list?

Yes, the Planning Board maintains a list of developers, names and phone numbers as well as development names. You may contact the Planning Board at 732-536-0200, Ext 508 and request that a list be sent to you via fax or mail.

My basement floods so I want to know if this will make it worse.

We once again prefer residents review the plans and reports and tell them to come to the Planning Board hearing to voice their concerns so that if possible the developer can be asked to help out with their problems.