Engineering Division
Cutting into a Road

A Road Opening Permit from the Engineering Division is needed if you wish to cut into a road. This includes installing a new entrance (curb-cut) from the street to the property. The application fee is $100. An Inspection Fee based on the size and length of the trench or opening is also required. In addition, a minimum $500 refundable deposit (more if over 200 square feet in area) is required to guarantee proper road restoration. The permit application may be picked up in the Township Engineer's office.

Please include with the application a detailed drawing or sketch of the road opening, the number of linear feet of road, the depth of the trench, the type of utility being installed, and the address at which the utility is being constructed. The name and address of the contractor and expected date of work is required, as well. Also needed are business and emergency phone numbers of both the contractor and the applicant. Depending on the road, a traffic control plan may also be needed as per the Traffic & Safety Bureau's requirements. Before you begin to dig, it is required per State Statutes that you call the New Jersey State Board of Public Utilities "One-Call Hotline" at 800-272-1000 to determine the location of all underground utilities that may be potentially in conflict with the proposed work.

Please be advised there is a restriction on the opening of a road within 5 years after the road has been repaved. It is recommended you contact the Engineering Division prior to submitting the Road Opening Application to confirm whether the road in question has been recently repaved.