Marlboro Wujiang Exchange 2

Marlboro-Wujiang Youth Exchange Program

Marlboro Wujiang Exchange

The Marlboro-Wujiang Youth Exchange Program has forged a relationship between Marlboro Township and Wujiang, China. The intent of the program is to appreciate cultural differences and foster a sense of global understanding among the students and their families.

  • Founded in 2011
  • Non-profit organization that relies on community fundraising 

Marlboro Host Families

41 students from Wujiang City, China were welcomed into the homes of Marlboro host families during three visits in February 2011, August 2012 and August 2014. Beginning 2014, Wujiang City students are planning to visit Marlboro every other summer. Wujiang City students will stay in a home with a host child of the same gender. The host child is typically between the ages of 13 and 16.

  • Students visit for one week typically
  • Students and host families get to know each other at a welcome reception
  • Students receive a photo ID for the Marlboro Swim Club for their stay and an optional day at the swim club is often organized for everyone
  • Day trips to New York and/or Philadelphia will be scheduled during the visit for the students and interested host family members
  • Other activities are organized including a tour of Marlboro municipal buildings and schools
  • During the times when no structured activities are scheduled, the students get a glimpse of the life of a typical American family
  • A farewell dinner party ends the week where the students put on a special performance to thank the host families Host children are expected to participate in fundraising activities and to represent the program at various events both before and after hosting the Chinese students. 

Traveling to China

During the spring break of 2013 seven Marlboro students were the first group of student ambassadors representing the township as part of this program. During the trip, Marlboro students tour Shanghai, Suzhou, and Beijing with chaperones from Marlboro, in addition to their almost week long home stay with families in Wujiang City. During the home stay, Wujiang City provides trips for all Marlboro students to various places of interest in the area. The week concludes with a farewell dinner party where our Marlboro student ambassadors thank Wujiang City with a presentation. In preparation for the trip, Marlboro students meet regularly as a group to learn about the culture and language of China. This tremendous opportunity is offered to students who are interested to represent Marlboro Township as young ambassadors. Consideration for students to travel to China include:

  • Written essay
  • Previous hosting of Wujiang City students
  • Participation in fundraising activities and events

The costs incurred by the family for the trip vary based on various factors including the exchange rate.

To Host Students from China or For More Information Contact:
Ilana Kats at (732-674-4989)