Zoning/Code Enforcement Division

What zone is a specific piece of property located in?

Please either come into the Zoning Division office in person, e-mail or fax the block and lot, address, and other pertinent information to (732) 536-7784. Put a phone number on the fax and someone from the Zoning Office will respond with the requested information. You can also e-mail your inquiry, comments or complaints for the fastest response.

I want to put up a fence. What do I have to do?

You must come in person to the Zoning Division office. Bring a copy of your survey with you. If you can't locate your survey, there may be one on file in the Zoning Division block and lot files. Easements, corner lots, and lots that front on two streets can present a problem. Certain zones have particular setback requirements for fences. For this reason, the Zoning officer must consult with you individually. In many cases, the fence permit can be obtained the same day if you bring a copy of the fence estimate with you.
Note: Pool fences have different requirements.

I'm buying a new house in Marlboro, but I want to know that I can fit a pool in my backyard before I sign the papers.

A survey is necessary in order to make this determination. Issues such as corner lots, lots with two fronts, easements, and wetlands are taken into consideration. Please understand that we cannot guarantee that you can construct a pool if you do not present the final survey and a grading plan.

I am selling my home, what do I have to do?

A Continued Certificate of Occupancy (CCO {Non UCC}) is required for every home sale or rental. The forms and instructions may be downloaded from our website www.marlboro-nj.gov., or obtained in the Zoning Office.
There is a form to be filled out by a Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Company (HVAC). If you have a fireplace it must be inspected by a Certified Chimney Sweep Company. If you have well and septic you must submit certification from Monmouth County Board of Health (732) 431-7456. Please remember to fill the forms out completely and circle whether it is a sale or rental. You can then come in to pay the fees and make your appointment for your inspection. A CCO is good for ninety days. In cases where a sale must go through immediately and the house will not pass inspection, a Temporary CCO (Non UCC) can be issued for Transfer of Title Only. No one may live in the house until a Final CCO (Non UCC) has been issued. There is a $75 fee for each re-inspection.

My neighbor is not cutting his grass. What can be done?

Call the Zoning Office and report the address. A letter will be sent to the homeowner explaining the grass ordinance and giving them fifteen (15) days to cut the grass. If after fifteen (15) days, the grass has not been cut, a Notice of Violation will be sent. Fifteen (15) days will be given for the grass to be cut. If at this time, the problem has not been addressed, either a Summons can be issued or a Notice to Abate an unsafe condition can be sent. Failure to comply with a Notice to Abate can result in the Township cutting the grass or the Township hiring an outside contractor to cut the grass. A lien will be put against the property to cover the cost of cutting. Please bear in mind that properties where the grass is not being cut are typically in foreclosure and the bank holding the mortgage must be identified and contacted in order to get the grass cut.

What are the setbacks for ____?

The Zoning Office frequently receives calls requesting setbacks for pools, sheds, additions, gazebos, etc. Each zone has its own schedule of area, yard and building requirements. Once the zone is identified, the setbacks can easily be determined. Please keep in mind that issues such as two front yards, easements and wetlands can influence setback requirements.

How do I go about obtaining a construction permit?

First you must obtain a permit package from the Construction Division . Completely fill out the packet. Attach to it two proper copies of your survey, showing the existing conditions and proposed construction drawn in to scale. Submit the permit package and the surveys along with the appropriate zoning fee payment to the Zoning Division Office. Your application will be checked for zoning requirements and use and when approved by the Zoning Officer, the permit package will be forwarded to the Construction Division who will call the homeowner when the the permit is ready to be picked up.

Note: Applications for fences, not involving pools, can be obtained, filled out and completed in the Zoning Office.

What are the zoning fees?