Wednesday, October 16, 2019
Wind/Rain Advisory Update #1

Dear Resident,

The Marlboro Office of Emergency Management has been monitoring the weather event expected for this evening and into tomorrow. The National Weather Service has issued a wind advisory for our area from 10pm this evening until 6pm Thursday and brings with it heavy rain, possibly as much as 2 inches. The Marlboro OEM reminds residents that preparation is key:

Please secure or store any loose items such as garbage cans, flower pots, lawn ornaments, Halloween decorations etc. as they can become dangerous projectiles in high winds.
We ask residents to assist us in keeping sewer drains on or near your property clear and free from leaves, trash and other debris. Clean drains allow water to run freely and help to prevent flooding. Additionally, storm drains flow directly to local lakes, rivers, and wetlands, acting as a conduit for trash and organic pollutants so clearing a drain also helps to reduce water pollution.
Please note that the Department of Public Works is in the process of brush collection by zone. Brush may not be placed curbside more than one week prior to your first scheduled date and that brush should be placed on your property near the curb but not in the street. Please review the letter from DPW with dates and regulations HERE.

High winds bring with it the possibility of power outages. The Mayor’s office and Marlboro OEM have been in contact with JCP&L and they have confirmed that resources are available to address outages should they occur. Outages should be reported to JCP&L as reporting helps JCP&L to pinpoint the damage, isolate and restore as safely and quickly as possible. Outages can be called into JCP&L at 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877) to report their outage or click the “Report Outage” link on

Please immediately report downed wires to JCP&L or the Marlboro Division of Police. Never go near or drive over a downed power line, even if you think it is no longer carrying electricity. Please do not drive your vehicle through flood waters or drive around barriers. The water may be deeper than you think it is.

As always, the Marlboro Police are available 24 hours a day at (732) 536-0100. For emergencies, please do not hesitate to call 9-1-1. We ask that you please NOT call the Marlboro Police for information regarding power outages and restoration updates. It is vitally important that Dispatch lines stay open for reporting of closed roads, downed trees and wires, and medical and fire emergencies.

Please allow for extra time when traveling during the storm, slow down, and leave space between you and other cars. Please keep a watch on local weather forecasts. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance. Stay safe.

Mayor Jon Hornik