March 7, 2018
Winter Storm Quinn #2

Dear Resident,

Snow continues to fall in our area. Although travel is not prohibited, we are urging all residents to stay at home if at all possible, allowing plows, police, and first responders clear access.

The Marlboro Office of Emergency Management activated the Swift 911 emergency response system. The text is as follows:

This is a message from the Marlboro Office of Emergency Management. Due to the impending snow event that is expected to begin during the morning hours on Wednesday, March 7, we would like to remind residents that all vehicles must be removed from snow covered roadways to allow for snow plowing operations. The Governor has mandated that any vehicle that becomes disabled on State Highways must be removed and could be towed by Police at owner’s expense. Additionally, any vehicles abandoned on Township roadways shall be removed as well. Please try to limit travel until the event is over. Stay warm and safe. Thank you.

The Township’s plan for snow removal is in place. Snowplows have been out since 4:00 this afternoon to clear our 200 miles of local roadways. Main roadways and collector streets (development main roads) will be cleared first, followed by interior development streets.

Please review the ‘'Surviving the Snow' brochure in the center of your recycling calendar and on line. Please note the following important information:

  • It takes about 10 hours for DPW to clear a 4” snowfall. More snow takes proportionately more time. For example, it will take about 20 hours to clear an 8” snowstorm.
  • Parking on driveway will decrease the amount of snow to shovel and allow for a drier surface when pulling out. Park vehicles on your driveway so that the first car that has to get out is the last one parked.
  • Do not shovel or blow snow into roadway from your driveway or car. This causes a hazardous condition and is a violation of Marlboro Township Ordinances.
  • Please be aware that snowplows will deposit some snow at the end of your driveway. As plows drive by, snow will fall into an empty space. To lessen the volume, wait to shovel or leave 4 feet of snow at end of your driveway until after the snowplows have completed at least one pass. In case of an emergency, our first responders WILL get to you.

There are reporting power outages in Marlboro and throughout the county. My office has been in contact with JCP&L and they have activated their storm response plan. Customers who are without power should call 888-LIGHTSS (888-544-4877) to report their outage or use one of the other methods available via social media and referenced in Quinn Update #1

Please do not call the Police for storm or snow removal updates. It is vital that their lines stay open for emergencies. Be assured that in case of an emergency, our police and first responders will be able to reach you.
Please stay at home and safe. We will continue to update you through social media, emails, and reverse 911 as needed. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Mayor Jon Hornik