Coronavirus Update #12

 March 18, 2020

Marlboro Residents,

Many residents are heeding the ‘social distancing’ call and we thank you for your cooperation in what is a critical service to your greater community.  Social distancing can be challenging in different ways for families, couples and people living alone.  It is important to note that unless you are in a high-risk group, are ill or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, CDC guidelines do not require you to stay in your house. 

Our stellar Recreation team has put together a list of indoor and outdoor activities for all ages.  If the weather is nice, enjoy one of Marlboro’s parks, fields and playgrounds. If the weather is inclement, there are plenty of indoor activities to keep you busy. 


 If you plan on visiting one of our playgrounds, please follow all CDC guidelines.  If there are more than 10 people using the equipment, wait, take a walk or visit one of our many other outdoor facilities.  As a reminder, wash and sanitize everyone’s hands before and after using any equipment.  For residents utilizing our basketball courts, tennis courts and turf fields, please also follow social distancing guidelines and stay a minimum of 6 feet away from other participants. Bring hand wipes, sanitizer, and tissues as needed and please either bring it home with you or deposit in a nearby trash receptacle.  Wash thoroughly upon returning home. 

 Please note that most park permanent bathroom facilities are winterized and not yet open. For sanitary reasons, port-a-johns will be locked. 

We encourage all families and individuals to stay engaged and active and remember that it is up to US as a community to support each other.  Now is a great time to call or skype friends and relatives.  Take a moment to disconnect from the news and social media to go outside and get some fresh air or enjoy some other recreational activities that are fun and safe.  Try some new food and order in one from local restaurants that are doing take-out or delivery. Find the list on the town website and linked here.    

 Don’t forget that 30 minutes of daily physical exercise helps strengthen the heart, reduces stress, promotes weight loss and improves self-confidence.   The Recreation office is already working on new ideas to help our families during this challenging time, and we will continue to share updates and keep you informed as we work through this situation together. 

Mayor Jon Hornik